The Center for Awkward Stage Hair

The definitive guide to growing long hair and overcoming the awkward stage, brought to you by the global authority on awkward stage hair.
Are you struggling to grow your hair out?
Have you dreamed of living the flow life?
Are you square in the middle of awkward stage hair?

    We understand what you’re going through, we know the pain…and we can help.

    Here at The Center for Awkward Stage Hair you’ll find everything you need to power through the awkward stage, your guiding light on the journey to a long flowing mane.

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    Comprehensive Awkward Stage Hair Coverage

    Organized by Hair Growth, Styles & Maintenance, Hair Tools & Products, and a robust library of awkward stage hair content, it’s the unequivocal resource for growing long hair.


    • How to grow your hair as fast as possible
    • Hair science and the life cycle of hair growth
    • Health and nutrition for optimal hair growth
    • Practical hairstyles during the awkward stage
    • Whether you should trim during the awkward stage
    • Maintaining your confidence and morale
    • Tactics and techniques to mitigate your awkward mane
    • Essential hair tools, accessories and hair care products
    • Looking ahead to life with long hair
    It’s not just the invaluable information, but the camaraderie and the community of guys with long hair here to support you in The Center.

    Proven Results

    Awkward Stage Hair
    "I was lost on my hair journey. I looked like a buffoon, had no idea what to do, was about to cut it off (again). The resources in The Center For Awkward Stage Hair saved my long hair life."
    Awkward Stage Hair
    "My hair was awkward as shit. I tried combing it forward, slicking it back, “the messy look,” it was all despicable. With help from The Center I was FINALLY able to punch through the awkward stage…and I’ve been living on Mane Street ever since."
    Man with awkward stage hair and full long hair
    "Using the knowledge in The Center I was able to breeze through the awkward stage. Honestly, if you just follow the advice and stick to the plan, you can make it too. It will be worth it."

    What You’ll Get

    With your enrollment in The Center For Awkward Stage Hair you’ll get all of the following:
    • Complete unfettered access to our learning center
    • Four modules of in-depth information and resources based on the experience of thousands of men with long hair
    • A game plan for making it through the awkward stage
    • Confidence you’re going to make it
    • We’ll even reveal The Longhairs secret handshake

    Imagine Life With Long Locks

    These men and thousands of others have found the promised land, and you can too.
    Sign up for The Center For Awkward Stage Hair and join the ranks of longhaired brethren across the world.
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    What Is The Longhairs?

    A community for guys with long hair, advocates, supporters and friends. We publish tips, advocate for hair equality, and celebrate men’s long manes with hair whips and high fives.

    We’re also proprietors of world-famous Hair Ties For Guys and a complete line of apex-level hair care made for guys with long hair—yet preferred by women over the leading salon brand.

    If this sounds familiar, you might have seen us on Shark Tank, where we landed a deal with Mark Cuban in 2018, though we’re still trying to get him to grow his hair out.

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    Doing hair whips on stage with Mark Cuban on national television.
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    One Last Chance


    If you still haven’t enrolled, we assume you’re going to give up and cut it, to forever wonder what you would have looked like with long hair.

    Don’t live a life of regret. Emerge victorious from awkward stage hair and live the flow life you’re destined for, with everything you need for success in The Center For Awkward Stage Hair.

    Here’s to hair whips and high fives, and we’ll see you on the inside.